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Amphora Stationery

The images in this collection are all original graphics made for you to use as stationery for Outlook Express. The graphics displayed here are samples, most showing how the stationery will look when the border is repeated in the actual email. The font color used, as well as file and image size of the actual graphic are shown on each picture. These images are samples only, you must download the zipped files, then decompress and install the image and htm files to use the stationery. You will need a zip utility such as Winzip to decompress them. Each file contains a jpg or gif, an htm file and a read me text with installation instructions and terms of use.

Terms of Use: All of the graphics in this collection are Copyright 2000 - 2009 Janice Weisberg and are for personal use as email stationery only. They may not be used on web pages, added to collections or archives online or in any media format, used to create tubes or other graphics, altered in any way, redistributed, printed, sold or used for personal or financial gain. If you see any of these graphics offered elsewhere, they are being distributed illegally. If you know anyone who would like to use this stationery, please send them here.

To download a stationery, left click on the sample and the 'File Download' window will appear. Choose 'save this file to disk' then 'OK'. The 'Save As' window will appear, choose a location such as My Documents, then 'Save'. You can also download by right clicking on the sample, then choosing 'Save Target As...'. This will also bring up the 'Save As' window. Either way, it is recommended that you choose an easy to reach and remember folder. You can create a folder inside My Documents called My downloads, or Zipped files. As with all files downloaded from the internet, always follow proper safety procedures during download and installation. User assumes all liability for damage or problems which may occur.

Newest stationery-added October 2009
butterfly5 pumpkin2
Stationery added February 2008
hearts22 greenkal7
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