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The following web sites allow you to donate to various charities with just a click of the mouse. -Become a registered member, then donate land and feed an orphan chimp once each day. Also has environmental news, natural health information, eco-friendly shopping and more. You will receive an occasional 'Jellygram' email as a member. -Several once a day land donation opportunities for locations all over the world. You can also donate land or plant trees by signing up for offers. -Nine different once daily click to donate categories. Optional membership keeps track of your donations and provides access to discussion forums and e-cards. Extensive resources include news, shopping, healthy living, and petition sections. -One click each day provides food for those in need.

Acronym Finder

Acronym or abbreviation to find: -By gardeners, for gardeners. Extensive databases, guides, and reviews of plants, products, and the companies that sell them. The one website you need to see before buying ANYTHING for your yard. -Free zip utility for Windows offering many features including drag and drop, multiple extraction, encryption, and creation of self-extracting files. - Urban Legends Reference Pages -This web site lists and gives details about hoaxes and legends being circulated on the internet and elsewhere. Bullets show whether the stories are true, false, or of undetermined nature. Includes currently circulating, message board, database search, and other pages. A very useful site to bring to the attention of well meaning friends. -Learn about computer virus myths and the consequences of believing in them. Has an A to Z list of hoaxes, reference material on virus media fiascos, resources, and much more. Currency Converter -Get currency exchange rates for countries throughout the world. Also has an email currency update service, information on the Euro, and a discount foreign exchange service.

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Find out how to insert this at your website! -Large variety of maps from islands to continents, and rivers to oceans. Geographic and demographic information, flag graphics and info, message board, local time, and RSS news feed service provided. -Search quotes by topic, author, or type.


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