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Amphora Stationery Printables

The images in this collection are all original graphics made for you to print for personal use as stationery. To view a stationery, left click on the thumbnail or text link. To download, right click on the full size graphic and choose 'Save Picture As...'. You may also download without viewing, right click on the thumbnail or text link, then choose 'Save Target As...'. Either way, it is recommended that you choose an easy to reach and remember folder. All of the graphics are properly sized and ready to print AFTER being saved to your own computer. Do not attempt to print them from this page, they won't look right.

Terms of Use: All of the graphics in this collection are Copyright 2002 - 2008 Janice Weisberg and are for personal use as printable stationery only. They may not be used on web pages, added to collections or archives online or in any media format, used to create tubes or other graphics, altered in any way, redistributed, sold or used for personal or financial gain. If you see any of these graphics offered elsewhere, they are being distributed illegally. If you know anyone who would like to use this stationery, please send them here.

amph-stat25 amph-stat26 amph-stat27 amph-stat28
amph-stat21 amph-stat22 amph-stat23 amph-stat24
amph-stat1 amph-stat2 amph-stat3-multi amph-stat4-multi
    Blue Green Pink Purple  
amph-stat5-blue amph-stat6-green amph-stat7 amph-stat8
Red Blue Purple Red    
amph-stat9 amph-stat10 amph-stat11 amph-stat12
amph-stat13 amph-stat14 amph-stat15 amph-stat16
amph-stat17 amph-stat18 amph-stat19 amph-stat20

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